Quillen Holdings encourages success among companies through innovation and growth. Utilizing local & national resources it provides the companies a map for strength and commitment.

Consulting Services

  • Acquisitions & Investments within the Manufacturing Industry
  • Management & Professional Consulting
  • Motivational Speaking Engagements and Team Building
  • Business Development
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Networking and Business Ventures 
  • Team Assessments

Speaking Events

Sought after

Anita-Maria Quillen 

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Educational Consulting Services

4U University :: Customized educational seminars/teaching opportunities customized to your individual needs. Helping employers reach their full potential.  4U University will provide the education and training directly to your workforce. 4U University can be customized specifically to each client and aligns the training with business goals.

Engineering & Manufacturing Firm specializing in design and injection molding

Consulting and Education through 4U University

Patent development: Currently holds 4 patents and 2 pending; covering applications for furniture, automotive engines, lawn & garden and processes within injection molding.