Quillen Holdings encourages success among companies through innovation and growth. By utilizing local & national resources it provides companies a map for strength and commitment.

Holding History

We began with one entity in 2009 and now have 4 entities in our portfolio. By acquiring various entities Quillen Holdings offers superior services in a wide range of markets; medical, patent development, manufacturing, engineering, management consulting, human resources, acquisition, strategic development, training, and much more.

Quillen Holdings is certified as a Woman & Hispanic owned company, privately held. The owner Anita-Maria Quillen is a vibrant and ambitious individual, who prides herself on humility and dedication. She strives to provide businesses with the resources they need to be successful and encourages them to stay committed to their roots by supporting the communities in which they live.


About Us

Anita-Maria is the President & CEO of Quillen Holdings and each of the entities within its portfolio; overseeing the day-to-day operations of each entity. She surrounds herself with a strong management team to support these relationships and to strive for growth.

Quillen Holdings has implemented a rigorous 5 year integration plan. This plan encompasses, growth development, structure, culture strength and competitiveness.